Furniture Removal Tips

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  • Published on Sunday, 13 December 2009
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Having a home requires a lot of money.  Homeowners invest a lot of their time and money beautifying their homes.  And there comes a time when you have to move out but that doesn't mean leaving your precious things behind.  The next logical step for you is to find a moving company that can provide you the assurance that your goods will be delivered unscratched.
* Do your research

Do not just rely on any company's claims.  Check with previous customers regarding their track history.  Find out which company gives the best rate without sacrificing quality service

 * Learn the moving process

Never be shy to ask how they will go about in relocating you and your furniture.  Ask about the materials they use to lift furniture in and out of the truck.  Verify if they can drop you right at your new home or they have area restrictions.
* Check the vehicles

It may not occur to you but it's essential to check how the company maintains the vehicles used. The vehicles or trucks have to be in perfect running condition.  Consider also what type of vehicles you will need to move your furniture.
* Furniture types and fragile items

Before you even decide on the moving company, inspect your furniture first.  Decide how you want them to be stacked or transported. In this way, once you talk with the service provider, they will have a clear idea on how to plan the moving process. Let them know which ones are fragile or need extra care.  Check which ones need bubble wraps of newspaper upon packing.  Label the boxes for easier packing and unpacking.  This can also help alert the professionals.

 * Time

Haste makes waste. Allot enough time to accomplish the job.

Calibrate well with your provider so both parties will have realistic expectations.  Don't expect them to know exactly what you like. Be open so you can have a stress-free move.

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