Man and Van - Looking at Insurance Coverages Attached to the Service

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  • Published on Monday, 14 December 2009
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Quite often it has been found that we are always worried about the well-being of our expensive items such as chandeliers, picture frames and designer furniture whilst relocating to a new place. Hence, there is requirement for a removal insurance coverage with Man and Van moving service.

Even though the Man and Van service provides the best care to your belongings during the relocation process, you should make sure that you are on safe side in case there is any damage or loss of the household items whilst relocating.

Here are some of the reasons as to why should go for a Man and Van service with an insurance coverage:

1. Damage Risk
It has been often observed that insurance premiums are usually high in moving industry because of the high risk factor involved whilst moving delicate items. The process of moving involves packing up things from the old house and then loading it on to the moving truck, driving to the new house and then unloading the contents of the truck to the new house. Whilst loading, driving and unloading, there is a high chance of damaging the delicate items. The farther you travel, the riskier is the damage risk.

2. Loss of items
When you seek assistance from a moving company for moving into your new house, inevitably there is a possibility of losing items due to negligence or some other reason. Reputable moving companies will surely provide sufficient cover if there is any instance of loss of items.

3. Liabilities
Items that are packed are not usually taken into account in an insurance policy. The main reason behind it is that it is difficult to prove that the packed items were in good condition before moving. Moving companies regulated by FSA can provide you with a liability insurance policy which will cover your household items in the moving company's Bulk Liability Policy rather than individual coverage under your name.

Considering all the above facts, one should keep in mind that it is essential to have an insurance cover to ensure the safety of your precious belongings during relocation.

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