Should I Take My Car With Me When I Move Overseas?

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  • Published on Wednesday, 16 December 2009
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Moving overseas entails shipping your valuables to your country of destination. These items may include pertinent personal documents, jewelry, electronic devices, and other things that have sentimental value for you. However whether to bring the car or not overseas is quite a conundrum. There are certain factors to consider if one should take his or her car with him when moving abroad.

First, if your car is a left-hand drive automobile then do not bring it with you if your country of destination has right-hand traffic. The same applies vice-versa. Not only is this illegal, but it is also potentially dangerous. In addition to that, you will just be spending money shipping your car and then you will not be able to use it anyway. Hence, make sure the compatibility of your car's steering wheel placement and which side of the road driving is done in the country of destination.

Second, make sure that the price of your car is bigger compared to the shipping fee, insurance, taxes, and custom fees that you will have to spend. Of course the total cost of shipping a car depends on factors such as distance of destination and taxes imposed by the country. If the cost of shipping a car is bigger than the value of your car, it is better to sell it in your home country and buy a new one instead once you've arrived.

Do not immediately take your car with you when moving overseas without taking into account these two aforesaid factors. By following this advice, your money might be saved.

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