Should You Do the Packing on Your Own?

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  • Published on Thursday, 17 December 2009
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The decision of whether to do the packing on your own or get it done by the movers depends on the following factors.

Availability of help

If you can very easily get the help of family members or friends, then it is a good idea to do the packing on your own.

Budget limits

Individuals who are on very tight moving budget have to do the packing on their own to save on moving costs. Doing the packing on your own gives the option of using recycled packing material that reduces about 30% of moving costs.

Time limit

It would be very difficult to do the packing on your own, if you are relocating suddenly within a short period due to certain unforeseen circumstances. There would not be much time to take care of other issues such as change of services, address changing, lease adjustments etc., if you concentrate on packing. Hence, in such cases it is recommended to take the help of professional movers to get the packing done.

Type of moving

If you are moving out of the country, then it is recommended to get the packing done by professional movers as you may not be aware of specific international packing rules that vary between countries.

Packing expertise

If you are poor at packing even a simple suitcase for a vacation trip, do not dare to do the entire household packing for moving on your own. But with
great care and effort, it is very easy to do the packing.

For simple moving needs, it is recommended to do the packing on your own to avoid break-ins and reduce moving costs. 

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