Familiarizing Important Places in the New Community

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  • Published on Sunday, 20 December 2009
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After all the hassles of moving, finally, you are done unpacking your things. You can now live a normal life again. However, there is one important task you should do. And the good news is, this is not a so tedious task that you can do it only if you have time-familiarizing important places in the new community.

What are these places?

1.    Hospital. We don't need to go to hospital everyday. But when the need arises, you will realize the importance of knowing where the hospital is. As early as now, you should know where to go in case of emergency. Familiarizing the hospital might make a difference between life and death.

2.    Shopping mall. Buying foods, clothes, or just relax after a hectic week-the mall can do all that for you. Although not as important as knowing the hospital, familiarizing where the shopping mall is will help you through your everyday living in the new community.

3.    School/education institution. This is very important especially if you have kids who will be going to school. Of course, you should know where the schools are so you can choose where to enroll your kids.

Other places you should be familiar with aside from these three are the local grocery, post office, library, pharmacy, convenience store, dry cleaner, hardware store, and car repair center.

Avoid experiencing hassles by knowing where to go to in case you need some things done. Start it by knowing where these places are in your new community.

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