How to Make Your First Moving Sale Successful

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  • Published on Tuesday, 22 December 2009
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Although doing a moving sale is a part of your moving chores, it can be exciting too. If you plan ahead you will surely get the best sales and the most enjoyable time in your moving process.

The first you should prepare are the goods. Just like when selling anything in a store you have to know what you are selling. In this case, you should simply gather things you no longer need in the house. You can always assign a day for this. But it would also help if you are alert for things you should get rid of weeks before the intended moving sale.

Again just like selling anything else you need to market your moving sale too. You have to inform as many people in your community about it. You can post ads in telephone poles or you can distribute flyers as well. You can also post online ads for free. Just make your ads attractive and big enough for people to easily read what it says. It should clearly state where and when the moving sale is. You could also entice people to come by naming the most interesting items in your sale. Use crayons instead of markers so your ads will still be readable even if it gets rained on.

And again, just like in a store presentation is also important. If you hang clothes nicely in a rack, people can easily look through it. They will also look nicer and more valuable. You should put items with similar prices in the same table. To dispose more items fast you can price items by bulk like 3 pieces of an item for $2. Price the items low enough to be attractive. And make sure you have enough change to keep payment fast and easy.

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