Moving with Your Baby

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  • Published on Thursday, 24 December 2009
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Moving with a baby seems very impossible to do, especially when there are so many things that need to be done.
If you are moving with a baby, do not worry because almost one-fifth who moves every year has kids or babies. If you have kids, you need to understand that change can be scary to kids.
If you have an infant, it will be easier for you because infants are not really affected with moving as long as you maintain your normal routine. Toddlers do not fully understand time and changes. Just let them know that the family is moving soon. They just need to be reassured that you will be moving with them. For preschoolers and kids who are already going to school, they are more concerns about moving to a new place, finding their own peers again to your new home and leaving their peers from your old place or probably peer from their school. You just have to reassure them that they could still keep in touch with these people and your new place has a warm community.
If you are moving and you will have a long drive, you need to prepare something to keep your kids busy during the transit. Make sure to check your car seat. Prepare some snacks for them. Water bottles to keep you and your kids hydrated during the transit is needed, so do not forget them.
You also need to prepare their personal things like disposable diapers, a cooler for your bottled water, blanket, pillow, pacifiers, their favorite book, toy, baby wipes, first aid kit, pre-moistened towels, and collapsible stroller for easy transportation when you get to your new home.
These are few reminders that could actually make a big difference in your move with a baby. Good luck!

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