Moving with Cats - The Essence of Preparing in Advance

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  • Published on Tuesday, 29 December 2009
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For most of you, you cannot pursue with the move unless you bring your pets with you. You treat them like your kids and you want them to be part of your big day. But just like you do, they may often feel the stresses pertinent to the move.
In this regard, you should prepare in advance when you will be moving to another place with your cats. There are some simple tips to consider.
Tips when moving with cats
The tips when moving with cats include those pertinent before, during and after the move.
1. Before the move. Make sure that you place your cats in a container that you will use during moving day. This will prepare them to adapt to their ne environment. Do this several days before the move.
2. During the move. Allow your cat to stay in a quiet room - one which is away from the hurries and buzzes of your move. This can also be your key not to lose him when you already need to leave. During the travel, allow him to have a breath of fresh air. This will lessen the exhaustion the pet may feel on the trip.
3. After the move. Upon arrival at your new home, allow your cat to enjoy the container first. Get a good room for him in the house. As soon as you have set-up the room, you may now allow your cat to move in.
Preparing your cats for the move will help you and your pet eliminate the stresses connected to the move. As you adapt to your new neighbourhood, you also allow your cat to adapt to his own environment.

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