Kingston upon Thames: Low-Cost Living Southwest of London

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  • Published on Saturday, 02 January 2010
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If you want a comfortable but low-cost lifestyle without leaving London, you should go find a flat in Kingston upon Thames.  You will be able to find all the perks and frills that you need without spending as much for them than if you lived in the more upscale areas of London such as Chelsea or Kensington.
Kingston upon Thames is primarily a retail centre.  The recent years have seen the blooming of many commercial stores in the area, especially the Bentall shopping complex and outlets of many chain stores in London.
The Kingston University
The presence of Kingston University also makes Kingston upon Thames a university town.  Thus, you can expect a lot of the services offered here to cater to the needs of students from the many campuses of Kingston University.  You can take advantage of the lower costs of these services.
Thames River
Serving as a background for all these developments is none other than the Thames River.  There is a sprinkling of cafes and restaurants fronting the riverbank where you can meet with friends or while your time away.
Kingston may not be as upscale as Chelsea, Kensington or Battersea.  However, you can certainly have the comfort that you need at a much lower cost.  

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