How to Create a Corporate Relocation Checklist for a Successful Relocation

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  • Published on Wednesday, 06 January 2010
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Planning is the key to a successful corporate relocation. Part of planning is to create a comprehensive and well organized checklist in order to track the corporate's action plan.
A relocation checklist will prevent or lessen any future confusion and complication. It also provides accountability on your part. Making your checklist complete and following it properly will save you from any possible relocation mistakes.
A relocation checklist should have a well organized flow o each phase of the corporate's relocation process and progress. Each phase of the checklist should reflect the important progress of each stage in the relocation procedure. A corporate relocation checklist acts more of a framework that can be modified if necessary in order to meet the main goal - successful and smooth relocation.
A corporate's relocation checklist differs depending on the type of business that is being relocated. However, in general, it comes with important elements of a checklist should have with the same hierarchy no matter what kind of business it is.
A corporate's checklist should have the business requirements, finding a relocation company, preparing the relocation site, organizing the actual relocation day, regular update of the checklist in coping up with the changes, budget, and progress of the site relocation, installing the technical requirements of the corporate such as electricity wiring, preparing the new location for occupancy, and making all inspection and legal certifications for full operations of the business.

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