Learn More about the Legal and Professional Requirements in Relocating Employees

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  • Published on Friday, 08 January 2010
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Relocating an employee is not just about packing and moving. It entails responsibilities in abiding the ethical rules and government laws regarding relocating employees.
ERC or Employee Relocation Council is the government agency that is responsible on checking if employers are following the law in relocation professionals.
The law states that there should be no discrimination among employees to be relocated in regards to housing or any other aspect that is associated with relocation and pertains to personal or individual characteristics.
ERC also regulates the code of ethics between the company contracting the relocation services and relocation specialist or relocation company. A certified relocation specialist must take into consideration and serve both the relocating employee and the company. He must make sure that both parties agree and follow the rules and regulation that deals with any aspect of the relocation.
The relocation specialist is also responsible in making sure that the services being provided is understood by both parties involved in the relocation plan and process.
The relocation specialist is also bounded to the rule that anyone who consults to him should be kept in private. He should secure the privacy of his clients. He is not allowed to divulge any information regarding his clients no matter who is making the request.
These are just some of the legal and professional aspects in a job relocation process. So, if you thought that relocation only involves packing, loading, and moving, think again, because there are legal and professional issues that a job relocation process should meet to make it official.

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