Settle Your Utility Services and Be Payment Hassle-Free

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  • Published on Sunday, 10 January 2010
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When you move out to a new location (either locally or internationally) there are just a bunch of things that you need to think about and at a certain point prioritize.  These can be looking for the moving service, finding the right moving truck, getting a new d├ęcor for the new house, buying your moving boxes and labeling materials and all.  But most important of all the things that you need to remember is to settle your utility service before you get involved in a payment hassle.

A few weeks before the actual move out, you should go to the utility service office and give them a notice about the moving out that will take place in a few weeks time.  This will allow you to have your services disconnected the prompt and appropriate way plus giving you the chance to take a peek at the last payment that you need to settle with your utility company. 

Some of the utility services that may require longer notice of disconnection would be your electric and water bills.  Ensure that few days before your statement cycle ends, you have already made the effort to inform these people about the coming moving out.  And make sure that you have already asked for an earlier processing of the balances that you need to settle. 

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