Tips on How to Ensure You Get the Security Deposit

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  • Published on Monday, 11 January 2010
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When moving out, your greatest concern with your landlord really is to get the security deposit. The trick really is to leave the place as it was when you moved in. You have to inform the landlord that you intend to move out at least 30 days before the expiry of your lease contract though.

Your preparation starts when you move in. Photograph the whole place when you move in. Give the manager a copy of the images. This will be your basis later on when your move out. 

On the other hand, once the notice has been submitted to the manager or the landlord you have to start cleaning the place. Starting from the walls and ceilings, you should wipe and wash all dust and dirt clean. If there are holes from pins, nails and screws, you would have to patch and smooth them before leaving. The floors should be cleaned and polished as well. Carpets should be vacuumed and made free of stains as well.

The kitchen and the bathroom should be spic and span as well. It should be free from grease, grime and stains. You can use special cleaning solutions to aid you remove the stains. All appliances in the place should be cleaned as well. The stove and the broiler should, for instance, be clean inside and out. The refrigerator and the freezer should be emptied and cleaned as well.

If you have a yard, it would be your job to clean it as well. The grass should be trimmed and the even the garage should be free from oils and stains. If you have pets, all dirt and odors should be removed before you leave. By doing so, there would be no reason for you not get the security deposit in full amount.

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