What You Can Do After Foreclosure

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  • Published on Wednesday, 13 January 2010
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Facing foreclosure is really a sad thing. Surely you would not want to part with your house. But if you cannot make the payments you will have no choice. Nevertheless, it's not the end for everything. You have to make the best with your situation.

Save on Rental

While you should start planning for your living arrangements, you don't need to leave your home right away. The paperwork still has to be done before the foreclosure can be finalized. This is good news for you since you are short in cash in the first place. You won't have to pay rental for 3 to 12 months depending on how fast the foreclosure can be processed. The savings would surely be welcomed.

Take What You Can

With too little funds available at the moment, you would need appliances too. It would be good if you rent a furnished place. But if the place you can afford does not come equipped, you would need to provide them yourself. But then appliance that came with the house when you bought it usually stays when you leave. Improvements to the home stay with it as well. To avoid any problems, you should take only what is clearly yours. If you want to take lights and fixtures, just replace them before you go.

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