Where Should You Buy Foreclosed Properties From?

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  • Published on Saturday, 16 January 2010
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Because of the economic crisis, a lot of houses, apartments and land have been foreclosed. Many owners can't refinance, pay mortgages or monthly interests on their properties, that's why these have gone to banks or lenders.
Foreclosed properties can become a great chance for you to invest in real estate. They also provide a good opportunity to look for your dream home or vacation house-all you have to do is know where to look for great deals. Below are three of the best places to buy foreclosed properties.
1. From banks. Banks claim a lot of houses or properties if the owners can't pay mortgage or interest. These properties are sold at much lower prices than their actual market value. Banks can also offer good interest and financing terms. But because most of these owners are evicted or thrown out, some of the foreclosed houses might be in disarray. They might even need a lot of repair.
2. From auctions. Look at newspapers or search the Internet for foreclosed properties that are being auctioned. Buying from auctions is very risky because you usually don't see or inspect the actual house or property. You also might have to pay the full amount of the property in cash.
3. From pre-foreclosure deals. Sometimes, you might be able to meet a homeowner (even through agents) whose property will be foreclosed. You can then strike a deal with him before the banks or lenders claim his property. You might have to pay all his outstanding debts, though.
You can find a lot of good deals by checking out foreclosed properties. By looking at banks, public auctions and even meeting other people, you might just find your dream house at a fraction of its actual cost.  

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