8 Ways Estate Agents Fool You in Buying the Wrong House

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  • Published on Friday, 22 January 2010
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There are many ways by which an estate agent may fool you into buying the wrong house. He will tell you things that you might believe in but the truth is he can just be rushing the deal for you to pay his commission. How does he do all these things?
1. He will say, "This is the right property for you sir!" Well, you might think what's wrong with that. It is not really wrong. It becomes wrong if he declares this only after looking into one property.
2. He can also make you believe that a property is popular. He can set up open houses and can call others to come see the property. Only for you to find out later on that you were the only buyer amongst the supposed interested buyers during the open house.
3. He can also show you pictures of the property but you will realise later on that it was not the same home you will live in once you have paid for the price.
4. He may also provide you a list of amenities fit for every member of your family. Since it is for your family's needs, then you will go buy it.
5. He can even say that this is the best price given for a property. He will convince you to buy it now to make sure you'll own it soon.
6. He may also claim that he's the best agent in the business. He can show-off his credentials in order to do that. This can make you feel convinced that he is indeed finding a good property for you.
7. He may also let you know that the property is in a good spot. It is accessible to establishments that you may run to whenever you need some of your basic needs.
8. He can also say that the property is found in a child-friendly neighbourhood. Your kids will love it.
Now, what can be a solution to this problem? As buyers, it is your duty to make your own research. Make some background check if you wish. Always make sure you have taken a look at the property before buying it.

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