How to Be Gentle With Your Computer When You Move

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  • Published on Monday, 08 February 2010
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Consider your computer a highly sensitive property when you move. Remember, it is where you store your most important files that you can't afford to lose. Your entire computer set including your printers and its peripherals should be packed the right way so it wouldn't get damaged or even get a single scratch.
Before you pack, make sure that you have your backup data. You can store them in CDs and in other protected containers.
Don't just unplug your computer. Proper shutting down or disconnecting is important. After you shut down the computer, unplug the power cable carefully. Then, remove all the peripherals connected to your computer and place them nicely in their respective boxes after you wrap them with either newspaper or bubble wraps. To avoid getting your computer crushed, place it inside a solid box. The solid box should be able to carry heavy equipment. The printer should have its separate box as well as their other peripherals. It would be better to label the boxes with the designated title so unpacking would be easier.
You have to keep the manual so that the moment you need to assemble your computer again, you will be properly guided.

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