Items to Move That Movers Should Know Before Your Move Day

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  • Published on Saturday, 20 February 2010
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Items to Move That Movers Should Know Before Your Move Day
There are items that even movers are having difficulty moving. If you own some of them, you need to inform your moving company about them before your move day.
Big Aquarium
Aquariums are very hard to move because they are very fragile including the fish inside it. It is very idealistic to hope that all your fish will survive the move. It is better to give your fish to your friends or relatives and remove everything that is inside your aquarium on your move day.
Pack your aquarium in the same way as how you will pack your fragile and valuable mirror.
Wide Screen T.V
Your electrical appliances and other gadgets are best packed in their original boxes. Your T.V should have foam on each side. You need to tape your box and label it properly.
Favorite House Plants
Some want to move with their favorite house plants. You need to inform your moving company if you have a collection of houseplants that they need to move, too.
Breakable Art framed items and mirrors.
These should be packed properly using bubble wrap and newspaper. Place them in a box and put some bubble wrap or paper fillers to avoid any movement during the transit.
Your computer has a monitor, which is like a wide screen TV. The CPU of your computer is also fragile. It is best to place them back in their original boxes in order to protect them against scratches or possible damage during the move.

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