Steps You Need To Take As A Responsible Tenant When You Move

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  • Published on Wednesday, 24 February 2010
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Steps You Need To Take As A Responsible Tenant When You Move
It is very understandable that you have a lot of things in your hand when you move. You need to coordinate with your moving company; you need to pack all your belongings, coordinate with your new landlord, or mortgage agent, and you need to check all the utility companies from your current and new home. These things will somehow cause you some stress all at the same time.
Aside from all these things, you still have another responsibility you need to attend after moving out from your old place, you need to take care of your responsibility as a tenant from your old home.
Inform Your Landlord
It is your responsibility to inform your Landlord about your move. It is best to inform him ahead, or as soon as you decided your move date. This will give him enough time to also prepare on your move.
Failure to inform your Landlord might cost you to lose your bond, which is not good if you are on a budget.
Remove all your belongings
On your move day, make sure to put all your belongings out of the house. Anything that is left behind should be disposed immediately. You can put them on a garage sale or hand them to someone who wants them. Removing all your belongings out of the house will be easier for you to clean it after your move.
Clean and Fix
Some people hire professional house cleaner to do this job. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can just do it yourself and invite close friends or relatives to come over and help you with your cleaning and fixing plan.
Clean everything thoroughly, including the walls, ceiling, and windows. If you have extra bucks to buy new paint, you can paint the walls to give your old place a fresher look.
After cleaning and fixing everything, make sure to document everything by taking some photos of every angle and corner of each area of the house. This is to make sure you have a proof that you left the house neat and orderly. Make sure to set your camera where the date is watermarked.

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