The Process of Moving Your Billiards or Pool Table

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  • Published on Friday, 26 February 2010
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The Process of Moving Your Billiards or Pool Table
There is no way that you will be leaving your billiards or pool table behind during your move. Of course, this one gives you and your buddies a great experience from time to time. Hence, it really must be transported to your new place. However, this task is not easy.

First what you need is the help of four persons. Since this table is heavy, you cannot go alone into loading and unloading them for the move. Once you have the right number of helpers, start to disassemble all of its parts.

To start with, you must first work on the pockets. Then, you must disassemble other parts such as the felt, slate, and the legs. You can make use of certain tools such as staple puller, screw driver, goggles, and the like.

Once each piece is disassembled already, wrap each of them to make sure that they are protected from damage during the travel. Then, get the right sized truck to carry the billiards or pool table all throughout the move.

Indeed, this job can be a tiring process for you. However, once you experience using the table in your new place, you can easily feel at home. But, if you think you cannot do this task responsibly, it will be better to hire the services of professionals.

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