Completing the Most Essential Packing Materials for Your Move

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  • Published on Friday, 19 March 2010
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Completing the Most Essential Packing Materials for Your Move
Before you start packing anything, it's important that you buy a complete set of packing materials first. This is essential so you can pack your things properly. This is the only way you can protect your things during the move and prevent any damage. Being complete in packing materials avoids delays and inconveniences as well. You would not have to go out while in the middle of your packing just because you ran out of bubble wrap or box.

That is why you would need to estimate the number of boxes you will need for all your things. Aside for making sure you have enough, it's important that you buy the most ideal boxes too. For instance, you would need small boxes for small and heavy items such as CDs and books. Large boxes, on the other hand, are generally for lighter and bulky items like blankets and bigger appliances. Wardrobe boxes are great for transporting clothes if you want to bring them without removing them from the hangers. Dishes and china are best packed in dish barrel boxes. Cell kits would even provide more protection.

Aside from the boxes, you would also need packing tapes to seal the boxes well. Of course, markers are necessary for labeling the boxes. To protect your things, don't forget to get lots of bubble wrap. Wrapping papers are also needed to wrap fragile items and to fill empty spaces. The shrink wrap would also help keep drawers from falling and prevent scratches on furniture.

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