How to Pick the Right Cardboard Moving Boxes

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  • Published on Sunday, 21 March 2010
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How to Pick the Right Cardboard Moving Boxes
Quality moving boxes are differentiated from other types of boxes because of their strength and durability, and various sizes in which they are available. Many people always choose to pick the largest box available.-this is a mistake. When packing bookcases for example, you will not usually fill the box with books. It can be quite difficult to move a large box filled with heavy books. You will then end up with a half full box and a lot of wasted space. Therefore, it is important to keep a variety of boxes when moving.
One of the things you can look for in purchasing moving boxes is the ECT. ECT or Edge Crust Test is calculated as the weight per inches in width. Good quality boxes have a minimum of 32 ECT which means it can withstand 32 pounds of pressure per square inch, while standing on the edge.
Moving boxes made with corrugated cardboard are also known for their strength and durability.  It has a pleated internal layer in between two strong pieces of cardboard.  This type of box is sure to keep your items protected and secure.
When purchasing moving boxes, you can also ask the company of they offer special package for your type of household. Expert companies may have such offers to help you make the right choice in purchasing cardboard boxes for your move.

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