Packing Guides for Moving Rental Trucks

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  • Published on Monday, 22 March 2010
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Packing Guides for Moving Rental Trucks
Truck rentals are a lot cheaper than hiring moving companies. However, moving with truck rentals may require some skills and techniques to successfully pull it off. Learn how to load your items in the moving rental truck to make sure nothing is misplaced.
Begin with the bulkiest items first. Appliances such as the fridge, stove, washer and dryers need to be loaded into the moving rental truck first since they need the most space.  Make sure you wrap them with blankets or towels to avoid scratched and damages.
Fill the narrower spaces with items. Once the large and most awkward items are in, start sliding small things in between the spaces. Mirrors, picture and mattresses are thin enough to fit the narrow spaces.  Your aim is to get the items in the truck as compressed as you can to avoid shifting during the move.
Disassemble pieces of appliances and furniture beforehand. Bed frames, bed heads and stereo cabinets are pieces of furniture that can be pulled apart to make them more compact. Disassembly may take time and effort. However, this is one way to maximize the floor space of your truck.
At this point, you can start loading boxes into the truck. Start with larger heavier boxes first. This is to ensure you have sturdy base for your items. Then, fill the remaining spaces with lighter boxes. Packing your boxes and furniture carefully onto a moving truck, keeping a compact space will enable you to load more in each transport.

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