Things to Check before Finally Moving into Your New Home

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  • Published on Tuesday, 23 March 2010
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Things to Check before Finally Moving into Your New Home
 Check the house or the apartment thoroughly before moving in. Many people overlook this task because they are too busy preparing for the moving day. What they don't realize is that part of the preparation is also making sure that the house they will move into will be in its best condition. Here are some things you need to check to ensure a smooth move after the moving day.
For newly purchased homes:
1.     Check all the utility connections if they are working or not.
2.     Make note of any signs of damages that may need repair.
3.     Treat the new home as if it is a blank canvass. Try to visualize how you want to arrange the furniture in each room. This can also be the perfect time to decide which color shall be painted on the walls and rooms.
4.     Also visualize which stuff may or may not make it to your new home. If you have furniture that does not match the new home, you might want to let it go.
5.     Jot down all the renovations you want to make.
For Apartments
1.     If you are living in an apartment, some appliances may be provided for you. Make sure you know all the details pertaining to these appliances.
2.     Require contact details in case of emergency as well as the basic services you may need such as repairs.
3.     Be clear with the contract before signing the papers. If the landlord prefers to collect the payment by himself, give him a specific date and time to do so. If he prefers to be paid by the bank, make sure you note his bank details.
Once satisfied in every detail, you can now focus on the moving day tasks. With organized planning and preparation, you are guaranteed to have a light and hassle-free move.

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