Simple Ways to Make Your New Flat Feel like Home

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  • Published on Saturday, 27 March 2010
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Simple Ways to Make Your New Flat Feel like Home
Adjusting to the move can be difficult, especially if your new house does not feel like home. However, by adding some decorations, you can easily make your interiors better suited for you. Try these simple ways to add a homey feel in your new flat.
·        A house won't feel like your own unless you put your stamp on it. So, choose the colors of the walls. Consider using the same shades you used to have on your old home or use the left over wall papers. Styling with left over supplies can also save you more money.
·        Do not discard all your old items. Use the same mugs, chairs and teapots. Buying new items will make the adjustment more difficult for you, not to mention expensive.
·        Cold nights can make you feel lonely. So, snuggle up with lots of blankets, perhaps light a candle for a more relaxing setting.
·        Add some plants and accessories in your living space. Remember to infuse your style and personality in every décor you choose. 
·        Invite close friends over for some casual meal. While you are busy making new friends, it is always nice to have some familiar faces in your new home.

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