Packing in an Organized Way

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  • Published on Monday, 12 April 2010
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Packing in an Organized Way
It is much easier to toss all your stuff into boxes so you can get over the tedious packing right away. Then you get to your new home only to discover you have no idea where you put some important items. This scenario can be avoided if you know how to pack in an organized and efficient way. Follow these tips so you can spend less time digging into your boxes and more time enjoying your new neighborhood.
1.     Label boxes not only with the room in which they are supposed to be placed but also the general description of the items inside. It is easy to lose track of all the items after packing several box. Therefore, label them completely and accurately. Alternatively, you can use colored stickers. Assign one color for each room. You will be surprised how fast the unloading process can be with these helpful labels.
2.     Use small, dense boxes. Small boxes are easier to handle. You can stack and carry several small boxes without having to struggle with the stairs. Large boxes are also useful but be sure to fill them with lighter items such as lampshades so they are not difficult to carry.
3.     Unpack one room at a time. As soon as you arrive in your destination, carry the boxes in their assigned room. This way, you can avoid searching over a stack of cluttered boxes. 
4.     Clean appliances and furniture. Wipe off dusts in appliances and polish furniture to make them look fresh and prepared for your new home.
5.     Use towels and blankets in packing. Towels and thick linens provide sufficient support for all your breakable items. You can also place a scented dryer sheet in your clothing boxes to keep the fabrics smelling fresh while preventing pests from nesting.
6.     Leave out your cleaning supplies. You must clean your old place before leaving. This won't be much of a chore since most appliances and furniture items are out of the way.

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