Things to Consider before You Decide to Accept a Job Offer

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  • Published on Wednesday, 14 April 2010
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Things to Consider before You Decide to Accept a Job Offer
Getting a new job can be both exciting and nerve wrecking. Nevertheless, if you are sure that the job is ideal for you and it is what you want then you should go for it. However, you should not jump the gun without considering several aspects first.

What usually lures most people to a new company or a new position is the salary. While this is understandable, you must first check the components of your benefit package. A good benefit package could add up and save you a large amount. Having health coverage is essential. Medical insurance and dental and eye coverage are also important. Vacation time and holidays is also essential. It's also important to get reimbursed of work related expenses, of course.

However, before you accept a job offer, you should see to it that you are not biting more than you can chew. Clarify everything and make sure you know what's expected of you. And most of all make sure you can actually deliver to their expectations.

Of course, you'd want to be working for a company that will offer you career advancement in the future. You should ask about your promotion path while with the company. It would benefit your career if they are going you to send to seminars and trainings. It's also important that you believe on the values and principles that the company adheres to.

Since your decision will affect your family you should consider if the location of the job would be good for your family. If you have to relocate, you'd have to consult your spouse first. 

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