Basic Packing Tips for Easy and Smooth Relocation

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  • Published on Tuesday, 17 August 2010
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Basic Packing Tips for Easy and Smooth Relocation
Packing for a move is never an easy task but with proper planning and these packing tips, you will find that packing can be a lot easier and less stressful affair.
General Rules on Packing
First of all, gather all the necessary packing supplies which include the packing tape, bubble wrap, markers, crumpled papers and most importantly, cardboard boxes. When it comes to loading stuff into the boxes, be sure to not overload them so as to avoid items from sliding out. 
Fragile items should be wrapped with cushion and items that can be disassembled should be taken apart to avoid damages. Lastly, label your boxes well on the top or on at least one side. You will find this very useful once you arrive in your new home and start unpacking.
·        Bathroom

 When packing the bathroom, make sure you tightly close the lids of bottles and containers that might like such as shampoos and liquid soaps. If possible, seal them with packing tapes for added security.

·        Kitchen
Since the kitchen has many small, delicate pieces, be sure to use bubble wraps and newspapers when packing this area. Glasses should be completely wrapped with paper. For extra protection, you can also stuff it with a large piece of crumpled paper.
·        Books
Don't try to fill a large box with books. Load only what you can carry. To keep the books from shifting while in transit, you can fill in the gaps with crumpled or balled up paper.
·        Electronics
It is best to use the original boxes of certain appliances and gadgets when moving. However, if the original box is not available, you can always use the standard ones. Just make sure you let your movers know which boxes contain these items to avoid damages

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