Moving: When The House Becomes A Memory

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  • Published on Tuesday, 21 September 2010
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Moving: When The House Becomes A Memory You have just closed the deal with the buyer of your house. The signing of the papers only took several minutes but it seemed eternity for you. You worked hard for this house.  It's the very first property that you purchased together with your husband. The three Christmas season passed including the beautiful summer you had in this house.

But you have already prepared yourself for this day. Looking around you, you saw the labeled boxes and you managed to put the memorabilia, kitchen utensils and other stuffs you decided to take with you in your new house. You made sure that every stuff from small to big are carefully kept in boxes, which are durable enough to sustain the relocation.

The furniture is also properly labeled. Your name and the address of your new house are pasted there. Although your husband decided to accompany the driver, you still wanted to be sure they will reach your new house. You are ready and you know that all the things that will be used in your new house are ready for transport.

So, cheer up. You may have lost this one but who knows, you'll have better memories in that new house of yours.

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