Full Service versus Self-Service Moving Truck Rental

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  • Published on Monday, 27 September 2010
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Full Service versus Self-Service Moving Truck Rental Moving requires you to look for the best moving truck rental company you can hire for your house removals. It will not take a lot of effort and time to look for the best. You only need to have the patience to search for the best moving truck rental. Here are two kinds of services offered by most companies.


The moving company will just transport your belongings from your old place to the new location. Everything else must be done by yourself from packing to loading and unloading of things.  You are also obliged to pay the rental fees, gasoline bills and toll fees. You may need the help of friends and neighbors for this kind of service. So, ensure you have a companion to move if you choose self-service.

Full Service

On the other hand, full service is known as professional moving. This means you will let the moving company do all the work which includes packing, loading and unloading of items. This will save you time and energy but it is a little bit expensive. There are also other companies who will offer house cleaning but it will always depend upon you if you will get some extra services.

If you are saving money or on a tight budget, the self-service may be the best one for you because it is a little bit cheaper. But if you want to be stress-free and have the capacity to pay more, then you better hire the full service company.

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