10 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Moving

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  • Published on Saturday, 09 October 2010
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10 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Moving 1.    Book your moving company or rental truck well in advance. Removal companies charge a lot less when they are notified in time compared to last-minute bookings.
2.    Get multiple quotes from different companies. If you have more quotes to compare, you are likely to find real good deal.
3.    Opt to do the packing and unpacking yourself instead of hiring professional movers. There are lots of cheap packing materials to check online.
4.    Instead of purchasing moving boxes, request for some sturdy ones from the local supermarket.
5.    Take what you need. The less stuff there is to move, the lesser the cost of the move.
6.    Dissemble large parts of furniture yourself. Large furniture such as beds, wardrobes are difficult to move in one piece. Be sure to keep the bolts, nuts and screws in a bag and attach it the largest part so you don't misplaced them.
7.    Ask help from family and friends. If you have friends and family to help in the packing and loading, you consume less time for the entire process, therefore cutting your removal costs.
8.      Take the stuff to the removal company yourself. If you are performing an international move, deliver the goods straight to the port. This can save you about 20% of the overall moving costs.
9.    Ask retail stores to deliver goods to your moving company. This is even more advantageous on your part since you don't have to store the goods.
10.  Move the items yourself. If you have access to your new home, opt to move the goods piece by piece while you are waiting for your current house to be sold.

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