3 Things to Clean before House Removals

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  • Published on Tuesday, 15 March 2011
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3 Things to Clean before House Removals Come moving time, you would want to recover the security deposit you have made to your landlord in full. One way to ensure this is to leave your house clean. The idea really is to leave it squeaky clean so that your landlord would have no reason to charge you for cleaning fees. 
As you get ready to move, you should get rid of the trash and clutter right away. List down all hard to clean areas and schedule to do them one by one. It's usually better to start from top to bottom since dirt would fall to the lower area. Dust and dirt could spread too so start with the dirtiest areas as well.
For instance, you could start with the ceilings since people don't normally dust them every day. While doing so you can clean the dirty bulbs and replace those that are not working anymore. Move to the walls including the windows and doors. Make sure that the windows are free of dust and shiny as well. Fill holes on the walls and cover up faded wall paints as well. Don't forget to clean the surfaces of the appliances and furniture as well.
The kitchen should be very clean as well. Get rid of the grime using water and detergent until the sink looks shiny. After doing the kitchen, do the refrigerator as well. After cleaning, check all areas of the house to ensure that everything is clean and shiny. With proper cleaning you will get your security deposit in full for sure.

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