Handy Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Move

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  • Published on Friday, 18 March 2011
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Handy Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Move If you want the moving process to go smoothly and quickly, you must establish a systematic packing plan. Not all people are aware of the importance of having a proper plan in packing. And this is the reason why you need to learn lots of tips and tricks to carry out the tasks easily.
Firstly, give yourself enough time to do the chores. Pack as early as you possibly can so you may concentrate on more important tasks on moving day. See to it that you mark each box accurately then put them in one room.
Aside from the packing materials, you have to prepare some cleaning supplies as well. Prepare vacuum, gloves, cleaning solutions and sponges in one area. When you are done packing each room, clean it thoroughly and don't forget to include the baseboard.
If the walls and flooring have scratches or marks on them, use magic eraser to get rid of the ugly spots. While magic erasers don't eliminate the stains for good, they may still be very efficient in removing unsightly scuff or crayon marks.
 Save the living room for last as this is the place where the boxes are going to be gathered. Movers will also carry dirt in and out of your living room, so be sure to clean up once the boxes are loaded.

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