Six Tips for Selecting a Property Rental

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  • Published on Thursday, 24 March 2011
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Six Tips for Selecting a Property Rental Finding a place to rent can be an exciting adventure. It is an indication of a fresh start, so take the time when searching for a house, apartment or dorm. These basic pointers should help you find the perfect rental property for you.
1.     Decide on an area where you want to rent
It is okay to ask friends and relatives for some recommendations. But if you don't really like the location of the property, look somewhere else. What are you going to do with a house that is equipped with all amenities if its location is not even convenient for you?  Go for areas that meet your job requirement and social needs.
2.     Learn the terms of the landlord
As you look around for a rental home, be sure to talk to the landlord and find out the details of the lease. Ask about the rental fees, deposits, repair policies and the appliances or furniture that are readily available.
3.     Talk to neighbors
Nobody knows the area better than the locals. See to it that you ask a few neighbors about the property, the previous tenants and the neighborhood itself. Not only does this help you get to know the area better, but makes you at ease in renting the property.
4.     Do a background check on the landlord
There are official organizations which you can consult to find out whether your landlord is registered or not. The records that these organizations hold may also state some complaints that the landlord had.
5.     Investigate the property
See the rental property for yourself. Be sure to check out the walls, flooring, ceilings and yard. Watch out for any problems that might arise-look for signs of pests or damages. Check the pressure of the water and see if everything works. Bear in mind that once you sign the agreement form, there is no turning back. So be scrupulous when examining the property.

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