How to Make Moving an Adventure for Your Kids

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  • Published on Friday, 08 April 2011
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How to Make Moving an Adventure for Your Kids Moving can be extremely difficult, especially to kids. The idea of leaving friends and the familiar neighborhood can bring feelings of sadness and worries. But fret not for there are a few things you can do to make the experience less emotional and scary for your child.
Tell Them Right Away
Don't wait till the last minute before you tell your kids about your decision to move. Make them understand why there is a need to change places. Be sure to answer each of their questions as politely and as comprehensive as you can. When kids know what to expect, the idea of moving becomes less foreign to them.
Let The Kids be Part of the Process
Get your children involved in the move by designating some assignments. Let them pack their own stuff and choose the toy they want to bring along in the car. Children on their teens may also help research on routes which you can take on your way there. Once you reach your destination, allow them to decorate their own bedroom so they can settle quickly.
Look Forward to Moving Day
If possible, tour your new neighborhood and plan things which you can do as a family once you reach your destination. Find parks, ice cream shops, playgrounds or famous spots which you can visit. Take pictures if you can, then tell your kids all about your plans. After the long and complex process of unpacking, you and your kids can look forward to a well-deserved treat.

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