Man with van What College Students Should Look for in Apartments to Lease

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  • Published on Saturday, 13 August 2011
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Man with van What College Students Should Look for in Apartments to Lease You've already received the acceptance letter from the college or university that you applied to, and are about to pack your bags. Before actually venturing out to college, you need to find a place to stay first. Whether you've been accepted to a college near your home or in a different state, here are a few steps that you can follow when going apartment hunting:
1.    Take your pick from apartments owned and maintained by the university, or an off-campus apartment.
When you're a freshman, it's probably a good idea to rent the apartments owned and maintained by the university. However, you can still look for off-campus units which are situated nearby.Man with van

2.    Would you like to move into a furnished or unfurnished apartment?
Furnished apartments usually include the basics like beds, mattresses, dining tables and chairs as well as a couch. If you are moving into an unfurnished apartment, there are cheap furniture pieces that you can buy or rent.

3.    What facilities does the apartment have?
When renting an apartment unit for college, make sure to check out facilities like the laundry room, elevator, air-conditioning unit and closets. Also, make sure that the building follows safety codes such as having easy-to-find fire exits and smoke detectors.

4.    How about the leasing agreement?
How much is the rent and what are the specifics of the leasing agreement? You may want to look for something like a “by-the-bed” lease agreement which has a clause stating that you are responsible only for your portion of the rent. So if you have a roommate who does not pay rent at all, you are not responsible for it.

Do your apartment hunting as soon as you get accepted to the college or university so that you can get first dibs on the best units to lease in or around campus.

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