Man with van Packing and Moving Supplies for Your Move

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  • Published on Friday, 14 October 2011
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Man with van Packing and Moving Supplies for Your Move Moving house is a challenging adventure. Aside from the cumbersome packing it also costs a fortune. But it does not have to be that way. If you will pack on your own, you can make huge savings on your house move.

Regardless if you moving locally or interstate, it is essential to have the following packing materials for an organized and effective packing:

•    bubble wrap
•    plastic Bag
•    newspapers
•    packing paper
•    markers
•    cardboard boxes
•    packing tape
•    scissors
•    notebook for inventory

Use boxes that are clean and have seams that seal the opening neatly. To save money, you may collect used boxes fro grocery stores or liquor stores. Be careful however in picking boxes that may have been damaged by water or infested by insects.

Don't use newspaper in wrapping smooth and white items as the ink can rub off and make the item black and dirty. It is best to use newspaper for wrapping steel and filling gaps in the boxes.

Be sure to have an inventory of the items you have. This way you can easily track items that arrive in your new home.

Use small boxes for heavy items, big boxes for light items. Never overload the box.Man with van The weight limit of medium sized boxes is 50 kilograms. As a safety policy, most movers don't move heavy boxes. You may be required to repack the box if you overload it.    

Organization and determination are keys to successful house move. By knowing which packing materials to get and what to use them for, you can save a huge amount of time when starting the packing process.

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