How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway With Your Baby

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  • Published on Sunday, 06 May 2012
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How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway With Your Baby Everyone knows going on a trip for the weekend requires almost as much luggage as a nice long, ten-days holiday. This is because there are some essentials you can't go without, such as underwear, sleepwear, cosmetics etc.
How about when you have a baby? It gets much more complicated when you add the baby to the list. It is one thing packing for yourself and completely different when you have to prepare the baby's luggage, too. It doesn't matter if you have an infant or a toddler; babies need their essentials even if you are out just for the weekend.
This is why we have decided to summarize all the things you need to take with you for a nice weekend getaway, so your vacation won't be ruined because you forgot the baby's dummy.
We suggest you prepare the little person's bags first and then deal with your own baggage.
When you start gathering the baby's items you'd better have a list. Here is our suggestion for one.

First: Baby's Most Important Belongings.

This should include first and foremost baby's food. If you are traveling with an infant it is a little bit easier to deal with the food issue. There are basically two options - if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding your little one. When you are breastfeeding food is actually right with you and you shouldn't worry about mixing powders. However, if you are formula feeding your baby, you will need:

-    Cans of formula or container of pre-measured formula - make sure this is the first thing you put in the bag. Even if you have everything, else if you have forgotten the food itself your vacation is ruined;
-    Bottled water;
-    Enough bottles - we suggest you get at least three bottles since you are going to use one of them for water. You may also go with just two bottles since before each feeding you will probably sterilize the bottle. However, it is best if you have one extra bottle just in case;
-    Sterilizer - it is a must when it comes to feeding your baby using a bottle;
-    A container for mixing the powdered formula. If you are going to a place where there are kitchen utensils you can go without that;
-    If your baby is on purees or solid food you need to get enough of that, too

The other things you can't go without are:

-    Diapers;
-    At least two changes of clothing;
-    If your baby is not going to sleep in your bed make sure you get a portable crib, so that your little one is safe while sleeping;
-    A Dummy - depending on whether your baby uses one;

Second: Bathing

-    If you are planning to bathe your baby you will probably have to get a bath support or a bath seat. They are adjustable to every bath tub and very effective when you are away from home;
-    Baby's shampoo;
-    A bath towel;
-    A changing pad;
-    Baby's lotions - moisturizing lotion, diaper cream, sunblock;

Third: Others

-    Hats - for warmth or shade;
-    A blanket;
-    Bags for wet clothes and diaper disposal;
-    Medicines - fever reducers, antibiotic ointment, allergy medicines;

So, once you have put all these things together you can start packing your own bag which now seems like a piece of cake, doesn't it?

After all, having to prepare your little one's baggage is quite a challenge but as long as you don't take your eye off your final destination it will all seem a little more pleasant.

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