Some Additional Fees Charged by Movers

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  • Published on Sunday, 13 May 2012
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Some Additional Fees Charged by Movers Moving is an industry that is notorious for being expensive. Aside from the fees that they initially require, some companies also charge an additional amount to the client after all the equipment has been moved to the specified area. More often than not, clients are surprised about how large the bill is. They are not prepared to pay out such a big amount, because they already received a quotation from the moving company regarding how much is going to cost, and they have set aside this amount for their moving budget. However, since the movers were already able to complete their end of the contract, the client has no choice but to find a way to pay out the full amount.
Clients have to be well prepared for such contingencies so that they are not caught unaware. Here are some types of fees that they have to prepare for when hiring moving companies to do the job.
Auxiliary Service Fees
This particular fee is charged when the large moving truck cannot be positioned near the home because of space constraints or other issues. What the moving company will do is to take a smaller truck and use it to transfer the client's possessions from the home to the big truck. Of course, this does take more time, more energy, and more resources as well, so it is understandable that they will ask for additional payment for this service.
Appliance Fees
This fee is for when the movers disconnect the appliances from the old home and reconnect them at the new one. While this task is fairly simple, some movers do actually charge for doing it. It is best to specify explicitly in the contract that there is no need for the movers to do these things as they will be done by the client himself. If the assembly requires some degree of expertise, it may be better to ask someone else to do it, as they may be more knowledgeable about it and they may also charge less.
Miscellaneous Fees
Basically, all the other fees that cannot be classified with the other groups belong here. There are so many fees that can be included here, from unpacking items from boxes to setting up furniture or even for waiting. The problem is that these specific details are usually not specified in the receipt. They are grouped together under this single heading, which makes it difficult to determine what is really being paid for. When encountering this type of fee, it may be a good idea to ask for a breakdown to make sure that the client is not being charged for a service that he was not provided with.
These are only a few examples of fees that may be charged by movers. This is why more often than not the bill comes out much higher than the estimate. One thing that a person can do to avoid being surprised by these fees is to ask for a binding price quotation.

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