Basic Packing Supplies for Relocation

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  • Published on Thursday, 31 May 2012
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Basic Packing Supplies for Relocation Are you moving out or relocating to a new place? If it is your first time moving house, then everything will be new and therefore seem harder to you. Moving out doesn't have to be that hard, though. Depending on your preparation and the extra help you hire it could go as smooth as you want it to. A crucial part of every move is the packing material. Packing your entire household is a long process, often requiring professional help. Getting the necessary packing material will allow you to start packing well ahead of the actual move. Packing material for moving consist of specific supplies which secure the safety of your belongings while carrying and transporting them.

There are a few basic packing supplies you have to get familiar with before you begin. The most important packing material is of course the so called moving box. Without it, you wouldn't be able to pack and move short or long-distance. Certified moving boxes are made of wood pulp, they can be sealed on top and labeled accordingly. A quality moving box comes in three standard sizes - small, medium and large. Some sellers offer extra-large boxes too. Along with the standard moving boxes, there are also wardrobe boxes, lamp boxes and frame moving boxes for TVs, monitors and paintings and kitchen boxes with dividers for china and glassware. All of these are a must for an easy and damage-free move. They are sturdy and can be placed one over the other inside the truck.

Another essential supply is packing tape. It must be a strong and flexible one, made for packing. One bundle provides 55 yards of packing tape, so buy depending on the number of boxes and wrapped furniture. When you pack you need to have enough protective and stretch wrap. Protective wrap, such as bubble wrap, ensures the safety of fragile and breakable items like glassware, mirrors, vases, china and all kinds of electronics. Each piece needs to be carefully wrapped in one or two layers of protective wrap to hold the transport. Stretch wrap is used for wrapping boxes together and securing furniture pieces. It comes in big rolls and can be used to wrap literally anything - sofas, chairs and a variety of household items. Another packing material you need to get is packing paper. It is usually used as an additional layer of wrapping for fragile items and for filling empty spaces inside the boxes. Many people choose to use newspaper, in order to save up on packing paper, but the newspapers' ink can leave marks on your kitchenware, so be careful.

Make sure you get mattress covers, because the movers will demand that your mattresses are packed in them anyway. They are made of polyethylene, come in different sizes and protect mattresses from the dirt in the truck. Last, but not least, you need moving blankets and pads for the biggest and heaviest furniture which doesn't fit in boxes. Moving blankets are made of strong woven fabric, serving as a protective layer. Having lots of old linen or clothing for cushioning is also a good idea - more padding means more safety for your items. Moving is not easy and the process of packing often seems endless, but having the right packing material is a step forward, ensuring a much easier process. Invest in quality supplies to prevent damage of your items. You can purchase all your packing supplies online in packs. You can often find discounts for bigger packs. Make a list of all the basic and essential packing materials for your move and don't make compromise on quality.

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