Preparation Before Your Interstate Removal

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  • Published on Sunday, 03 June 2012
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Preparation Before Your Interstate Removal Moving from one state to another is one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Some of the most common reasons for that is because of a new job. Moving to a different city is hard, but compared to changing the state, it's incomparable. Moving with your entire household is not easy; ensuring that you have a damage-free move is the task of removal companies. Being responsible for your items is their duty, but keeping track of everything and being organized is your responsibility. Removal companies that offer interstate removals guarantee excellent service. Moving furniture is a big hassle for every family involving careful preparation, planning, coordinating, packing and unpacking. You can limit the amount of stress and chaos during the interstate removal by planning the whole process in advance. There are a lot of things you need to take care of before the hired removalists arrive. Start by disconnecting all the cords from your electronics: computer, TV, DVD player, stereo, etc. You can tie up the cords on the side of the electronics. This way you will always know which cord is for which electronic and you will prevent tripping. When you disconnect the washing machine, make sure all the hoses are drained from water. Clean your kitchen appliances and defrost the fridge at least 48 hours before the move, so it has time to dry. Don't polish your wooden furniture right before the move, which would cause condensation when you wrap the pieces. Your bulky furniture will take the most time to be prepared for packing, so make sure you start well ahead of the arrival of the movers. Disassemble all the beds, shelves and bookcases to make them ready for the loading in the truck. Keep their screws and bolts in labeled packets. Any gas storage containers must be emptied, because flammable materials can't be carried by the movers. Try to pack most items in cartons and labeled boxes and avoid bags - they are easily ripped and hard to carry. If you own antiques or other valuable items, which require special care, inform the removal company's representative or the movers. Put fragile and valuable items in boxes and label them accordingly. If you don't know how to disassemble or pack furniture, follow the movers' guidelines. Starting to pack as early as possible is essential for a successful interstate removal. Some families underestimate the amount of work that has to be done before the removalists arrive at their place. Set boxes aside which contain essential items for your first day at your new home, such as food, utensils, towels and toiletries. Estimate the costs of the move - an interstate move is much more expensive than moving across town. If you have to fly, book your flights as early as possible and make sure you will be able to arrive at the new place before the removal company's truck. An interstate move is a big challenge, so don't leave anything for the last minute. Start your search for a removal company at least six weeks before the move. Never work with inexperienced furniture removalists or starting businesses. If your possessions need to be stored, make sure you arrange for insurance. An interstate removal is more than just a long-distance move; it means you have to adapt to a whole new surrounding, neighborhood and even cultural differences. Learn as much as possible about the place you are moving to, its people, culture and lifestyle. The more you know, the safer you and your family will feel.

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