Things to Consider When You Want to Share Office Space

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  • Published on Friday, 15 June 2012
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Things to Consider When You Want to Share Office Space It can be quite a challenge finding a good office space rental company, because most of them care mostly of profit, not clients' satisfaction. If you are thinking of finding office space, it is good to consider sharing with another business, ideally from the same field of work. There are a few things you should consider before you do that. One of them is the compatibility you will have with the business you share the office space with. Finding the perfect individual or company can be hard. Sharing your office space with just anybody isn't reasonable and it's very important to understand that your field of work should be in line with the other one, not clash with it. It all depends on the business you have, of course. For instance, if you are a dentist you shouldn't share office space with another dentist. Try finding someone who has medical education, a physical therapist for instance. If you work in media, look for someone who works in media too and can be a valuable connection. If you're a travel agent, your perfect fellow office colleague is someone who sells insurance. Always think of ways to grow your business connections. Another thing to consider is whether the fellow company or individual has strong positions on the market. If they are a start-up business or in a hard financial situation, it is highly likely that they will eventually move out and you will have to put up with new colleagues soon. Another thing to consider is the location. If you are sharing with someone they should be satisfied with the place just as much as you are, which lower the chances of moving out and you facing new fellow renters. If you own the place it gets even harder to find the best business to accommodate right beside you. Location is an important factor in terms of your line of work, so if you are the one choosing the tenant, talk to them and explain what the location offers and any specific benefits. You should take the price into consideration too - for good or bad money plays a big role when it comes to any business decision making. If you own the space you are going to share, it is best to be absolutely honest about the costs and maintenance fees. Talk to the tenants and make sure they are satisfied with your conditions. If you want a stress-free office sharing experience you should try to be as cooperative as possible. Determine how much space you can afford to share. Consider any future expansions and hiring new people. If you don't have much space to share, look for an individual or a small business owner who needs a small office and doesn't require conference rooms or waiting rooms. Be clear about the precise size you can offer and stick to your plan to avoid any future stressful situations in which you will need to rent more space, being unable or unwilling to kick out your tenants. Last, but not least, it is better to find someone who has the same office hours as yours. This is not complete necessity, but is quite practical and makes the work atmosphere much more pleasant. Sharing office space with another individual or business is a great way to lower your expenses and gain valuable connections. It is a way to give your office and team that cool social vibe which makes a team content and happy with their workplace.

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