Techniques for Packing when Moving Out

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  • Published on Wednesday, 20 June 2012
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Techniques for Packing when Moving Out For many people moving out is one of the least pleasant actions they can think of; many say that it is worse than cleaning. The idea of spending hours packing things and going through all your stuff to decide what you will take with your makes it even worse and more difficult. Many people admit that packing creates a lot of stress for them. Packing things and moving out is almost as unbearable as changing a job.

In general, people usually try to make things easier and more comfortable for themselves. This is why we have invented the computer, the washing machine, the dishwasher and many other things, which make our lives more simplified and comfortable.
Unfortunately, a machine, which can pack your stuff has not been invented yet, but there are still some techniques you can use to make the packing more bearable and easier.

The first and most important thing is to give yourself enough time. Start packing your things at least four weeks before moving out. Thus, you will not get too stressed. Next, examine your stuff carefully and decide what you need and what you will not take with you. Most certainly there will be things that you will not need to take with you and are unnecessary.

Another important thing to do is make a list of all the things you are going to pack. This way, when you load the boxes onto the moving lorry or van, you can check them off your list and make sure that all the boxes have been loaded.

Next, before you start packing prepare all the boxes that you will need. Examine all the things that you have to pack and have in mind the size of boxes that your stuff will require. Make sure that you have prepared all the boxes of different sizes according to what they will hold.

Then, when you have ordered all your things in the boxes, you have to label them. This is a good technique, which will help you remember the things that you have put in each box. We all know that when starting to move out everything becomes unorganized and messed up. If you don't label the boxes, there is no way to remember what you have put in a box. After all, organization is the most important thing when moving out. 

Another thing that you should remember is to put pillows on the bottom of the boxes containing fragile items, so as to keep things from breaking. You should also put small items in the holes and crevices in boxes, again to prevent things from breaking.
For many people packing fragile things creates a lot of problems. Here is a couple of techniques to help you pack stuff like picture frames and mirrors. First, select the box that is bigger than the stuff you will pack. Make sure to pack the picture or mirror in bubble wrap to keep it save. Do the same thing for all fragile items. When you are done packing them, make sure to label the box ‘'fragile''.

After you have placed all your things in boxes, it is time to move them onto the moving truck or van. There is one thing one thing to remember; always move your heavy stuff first, such as the washing machine, television etc. These things should be loaded before the other  boxes, so you can save some space in the truck. Here again, labeling your boxes could be of much help, because you will know what box to put where. Make sure to place the fragile items last and ensure that they will not move around during transport.

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