Top Packing Tips For Moving Abroad

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  • Published on Wednesday, 27 June 2012
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Top Packing Tips For Moving Abroad 1. Get enough packing supplies in time
It's no doubt that you are going to need plenty of packing supplies. Even if you think your house is small and a few boxes will be enough, you are most probably wrong. You don't have to buy packing material that you don't need, of course, but having enough of it is a must. You can either purchase those materials from a local store, or order them online. The best way is to get them from the removal company, but beware of the costs.

2. Having a variety of packing supplies is essential
Make sure you only use quality strong and sturdy moving boxes of various sizes, buy plenty of bubble wrap and prepare newspapers for wrapping fragile items. Tape for sealing the boxes, shrink wrap, linen for cushioning, scissors and water-resistant markers are also crucial.Wardrobe boxes and mattress covers are quite useful too. Packing for moving abroad means that you are taking all your belongings with you, so you are going to need all sorts of packing supplies to make sure each item is secure during the long travel.

3. Make an inventory
You need to keep track of the items you place in each box. This is the only way to find your items easily when you start unpacking. Make sure you have a detailed list and try to place items from one room in one box.

4. Organise the packing process
A single moving box should contain similar items as much as that's possible. It's easier to pack one room at a time and label the boxes accordingly.

5. Select the right moving boxes
The rule is to pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter ones in bigger boxes. Try not to overload the boxes, because you might have to carry them outside the house, or if not, then be considerate to the movers anyway.

6. How to pack the moving boxes?
Another packing rule to follow is to place heavier items at the bottom and the lighter ones on top of them. This way you prevent damage; make sure you fill the voids properly so the items can't move inside the box. Fragile items need to be wrapped individually one by one in a few layers. Don't overfill boxes with china and glassware and label the box with FRAGILE on top. A long distance move can often cause damage, even if you hire the best removal company. It's really all about how you pack the boxes, whether the items will be damaged or not.

7. Personal boxes & essential items
Every member of your family should pack one box of items they'll need immediately after the move in the new house. Also it's good to prepare a box with essential items for the whole family: linen, sheets, cleaning supplies, etc...

8. Keep personal items with you
When you travel abroad make sure you take a big bag of checked in luggage and take with you your most valuable items: documents, jewelery, birth certificates, financial documents, etc. These should be always kept with you, as they aren't easily replaceable.

9. What not to pack?
Any items that are hazardous or flammable shouldn't be packed and know that it could be dangerous and also illegal to transport them. This will only cause problems with the removal company. Perishable items (food, plants, etc) should be left behind too. Always check the legislations when transporting lots of items, as you may not be able to move everything with you.

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