Cleaning company vs. Individual House Cleaner - Which One to Choose

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  • Published on Tuesday, 10 July 2012
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Cleaning company vs. Individual House Cleaner - Which One to Choose When faced with the difficulties to find good cleaning service providers, many people panic and don't know what decision to take. The question here is whether you should hire a cleaning company or an individual house cleaner? You will find the answer in this article.

Although, hiring an individual may seem the better choice, since it is cheaper , the benefits of hiring a cleaning company are more compared to individual cleaners.

First of all, companies can provide you with greater security. Most cleaning companies are licensed to perform these services, while many individual cleaner do not possess professional certificates to work in that area. The benefit of hiring a licensed company is not only that it has a registration number, but also it must comply with the laws and is  strictly regulated by the laws.
Secondly, it is much harder to find a good individual cleaner rather than to find a reputable company. When hiring cleaners, companies have their own set of qualifications and skills the employee must possess. In other words, companies hire real professionals and train them. This implies that when you are hiring a cleaning company , you are guaranteed to have your home professionally cleaned. Sure enough, when hiring an individual , there is no assurance that he/ she will be a professional.
Third, cleaning companies are better equipped and use professional products. When hiring cleaning company , you will notice that the representative will come to your home fully equipped and adequately prepared with the needed cleaning supplies. Individual house cleaners do not usually have the money to buy all these products and machines to offer you a professional cleaning.

Furthermore, if your regular cleaner is sick and is not able to perform his duties on the given day , the company can replace him quickly with another professional. However, if you are using an individual cleaner and he/ she cannot perform the task on the agreed day, you will have to look for another service provider. This can be very frustrating and stressful , if you are expecting guests for instance and you need your home to be cleaned as soon as possible. You have two choices, you can either clean by yourself, or you have to spend hours looking for another professional cleaner.

In addition to that , cleaning companies may provide you with more services than an individual can, because they have various equipment and cleaning supplies. If you need your house to be cleaned for a couple of hours, you should know that, it will take an individual to thoroughly clean your home, more than a cleaning company. Besides, when paying for services will expect the work to be done professionally and on time. This you can get only from cleaning companies.

And last but not least , you can feel more secure with cleaning companies, because you know that all the employees are being regulated by certain rules and requirements. It can be a little more difficult to trust and individual, when you know that there is no one regulating his behavior and work.
The facts, given above are the most important benefits of cleaning companies compared to individuals. Even though, many people prefer to save money by hiring an individual, as you can see from this article companies can offer you much more services. Furthermore, the people working for a cleaning companies are usually professionals, who have been performing the job for a long time and are adequately trained and equipped. When you are making the decision, make sure to evaluate the pros and cons of each option.

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