Tips for Moving House that Really Work

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  • Published on Sunday, 15 July 2012
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Tips for Moving House that Really Work A relocation is a massive job, one that takes a lot of work and a team of people to do right. We've all heard the basic advice - hire a reputable company, divide the work, plan ahead, make a checklist, etc. These are all very useful, however there are also some other hints that no one seems to ever mention. So, to give you a more comprehensive idea of what to expect of your moving experience, this article will provide some helpful tips and suggestions that you may not have thought of until now.

1. Pace yourself. This is particularly important if you're handling the move yourself, without hiring a company. Because of all of the work involved in a move, everyone will get tired pretty quickly. Try to take a break after every single step you finish. While packing up, have frequent breaks - in between packing each separate room, for example. If you're having a friend or two help you with the removals - give them a chance to rest as well - perhaps get a few drinks, sit down and admire your handy work. Take a break after loading the van. Take a break after moving everything. In fact, after you're finished with the moving process, you may want to leave the unpacking for the next day. Don't take too long with this, of course, but do not rush and try to give yourself (and everyone else) some time to relax.

2. Keep things together, in the way that they should be unpacked. So for example the bookshelves should be packed along with or near the books, the dishes should go near the dish rack, the living room table lamp should go with the table it sits on - this will save you a lot of organizational hassle once you've arrived at your destination.

3. Pack only the things you need. Use the move as an occasion to renew and de-clutter your life. Throw away or donate anything that you haven't used in the last month and that has no deep sentimental value. Most of these things can be repurchased, should you ever need them, so save yourself some stress and packing time and just get rid of everything you have no use for.

4. Find some sort of organizational system. This is particularly important if you're dealing with movers, who wouldn't know where you want each particular box to go. Try color coordination for example. Assign a bright color to each room and label all of the boxes from that room with that color. Put the same labels on corresponding rooms in your new home. That way, the movers will know exactly where each box belongs. Make sure to explain the system beforehand!

5. Try to explain your expectations and requirements as clearly as possible. However, you should always avoid nagging. Be thorough and specific to ensure that everything goes well, but be aware that you're dealing with people and be as nice as possible. A good working relationship always helps things move along smoothly.

6. Pack personal items in an accessible way. Take anything that you'll need right away - laptops, grooming products, maybe even a change of clothes - in a bag to carry with you. This should be done for each member of the household.

7. Lastly, remember to take any important documents in a file with you. Do not leave these lying around, lest something should get lost or damaged. 

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