Ask The Pro: Moving Tips

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  • Published on Wednesday, 18 July 2012
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Ask The Pro: Moving Tips I recently literally ran into an old friend of mine, who happens to have been working at a moving company for three years now. Of course, I cornered him and didn't let him go until he revealed some secrets of the profession.  

TIP #1: Moving can be learned
Yes, it does. And the best part of it - it's not necessary to learn it entirely of personal experience. So start reading about relocation, and take any reasonable advice into account.

TIP #2: Packing material
Supply with reasonable amounts. You can buy it at a hardware store, order per Internet or just buy it from the moving company.

TIP #3: Moving Boxes
The lighter the item, the bigger the box, and vice versa. After filling every box, close it using packing type.

TIP #4: Labels
Supply with lots of sticking labels and a few thick black text markers. Label every single box and piece of furniture. Don't forget to also supply with some labels saying "fragile", "breakable" and "this side up".

TIP # 5: Paper and wrapping
The absolute evergreen stay the old newspapers. They are cheap, can be found easily and are used for multiple purposes. Another of this sort you cannot survive without is bubble wrapping. The best invention of mankind after the steam machine!

TIP #6: Trash disposal
Sort through all your possessions, separate everything you are not going to need anymore, and take care that all the things are disposed properly. First have someone from a pawnshop come by, he may want to take something. Then acquire information about the nearest garbage yard and arrange the transport of your trash there.

TIP # 7: Heavy items lifting
Don't overload yourself! Every time you want to lift something heavy, bend a knee and take it up with a straight back. Lifting heavy loads with a bent back can cause bad back injuries. So better let the pros handle the heavy loads.

TIP # 8: The floors
Don't forget to cover the floors both in your new and old residence, so they are not damaged during the moving in and out. Ask at the moving company for special designated floor covers, to make sure the floors are protected.

TIP #9: Measure and draw
Before you move in your new residence, measure all the new rooms, and the furniture you already have, and then draw a plan of the place room by room with the exact location of every piece of furniture. Present a copy of the plan to the movers. And please, please, try not to change it constantly during the moving in!

TIP #10: Follow the time schedule
Make a time schedule in advance. Discuss it with the moving company and your family and friends who will be present during the relocation. Do your best to stick to that schedule. Don't panic if (or when!) something comes in-between. But have in mind, that every unnecessary delay makes everyone nervous.

TIP # 11: Weather
Don't forget it may rain or snow on moving day, and don't get panicked! Prepare for that case too. If it rains or snows, never lay boxes on a moist or wet surface. Have lots of big nylon covers to lay over the boxes and the furniture while carrying them to the moving van and back inside.   

TIP # 12: Leave most of the job to the pros!
No comment on that one.

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