10 Survival Tips for Moving House

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  • Published on Sunday, 29 July 2012
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10 Survival Tips for Moving House We always expect to be under a lot of stress while moving house. This is usually true, but it doesn't have to be. If you simply plan ahead and are smart about the details of your removals and packing, your move can go off without a hitch and you can relax and simply enjoy the thrill of setting up a brand new home. These simple tips are designed to help you organize and prevent any last minute panic.

1.    Remember to reuse as many packing materials as possible. Old boxes are indispensable in this case. Most households already have things like packing tape and markers lying around, so there might not be any need to buy any new items.
2.    Make sure you have a variety of box sizes - small, medium and large. You will need to pack up items of different sizes and shapes, so do try to be prepared for anything, Additionally, a few large plastic bags will probably come in handy as well
3.    Reduce and declutter. Do not take any items that aren't absolutely necessary, that you haven't used in a while or that you're not sure where they can be put. This is very important. The less stuff there is to move, the less stress you will be under, so make your own life a bit easier. There are various ways to get rid of clutter. The items in poor condition should be recycled. The ones that are still useable should be donated to your local charity shop, or, if you're keen to get their full worth, you may want to consider selling them, either at a car boot sale or online.
4.    Make arrangements for your pets. Assign one room, that the movers will not be going into and set up a bowl of food, water (and cat litter if you have a cat). It is important to keep your pet calm and comfortable with all the people coming in, but also keep it away from the commotion.
5.    Remember to redirect your post to your new address. This is fairly self-explanatory, really.
6.    Pack one room at a time. Concentrating your efforts to a single room will make the work go quicker. Not only, that, it will help you keep things as organized as possible. If the packing is likely to take more than  a day or two, assign a room in the house to keep all the boxes, so that they don't get in the way too much.
7.    Get as much help as possible. Another pair of hands never hurts the general efforts. Even if you are relying on a company for most things, enlisting the help of friends with packing and organizing is always a good idea. Plus, working with fun people makes the work itself more fun.
8.    Remember to label everything with its destination room and a "fragile" sign, if anything inside the box is breakable.
9.    When unpacking at your new location, keep to the one room rule. Concentrate on setting up a single room first and foremost. It will be nice to have a place to relax on the first few days, away from the boxes and chaos.
10.    Keep some essentials with you during the move. This should include items you will need during the trip, as well as anything you may need on your first night in your new place, should the movers arrive late. This should include a pillow and bedding, grooming products like toothpaste and soap, some food (if you arrive after the shops have closed), etc. Plan your own emergency kit according to your needs.

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