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  • Published on Sunday, 09 September 2012
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Before The Move Even if you have experienced a move before, you could still get quite overwhelmed by the amount of work and preparation that has to be done prior to the actual removal day. Thinking about the move can really make you feel stressed and anxious and that's why you need to know the basics of the preparation stage. A house removal isn't that hard at all when you are prepared for it properly. As long as you stay focused on what's ahead, you will manage easily. Here are the things that you need to do before your removal:

Step 1: Tell Your Family and Give Them Tasks to Do
According to statistics the number one reason for a move is because of a job or in the pursuit of a new career. The decision to relocate is often not ours to begin with and that's why the news can literally come to us out of the blue. It's important not to panic in such a situation, but to inform your family immediately. If the move involves everyone, they should know as soon as possible. There is a lot going on during this stage. Informing your spouse may cause some problems, telling small children will result in lots of confusion, whereas telling teenagers is a hard thing to do as they often get really emotional. If you don't know how to deal in this situation and what the best approach is, simply browse some tips on the topic.

Step 2: If you are being transferred to a different city or state because of work, then there will be lots of researching waiting for you. Finding a place to live with your family is a hard task. You need to consider the neighborhood, the crime situation there, the schools and the education prospects and many other factors. Before you rent or buy a house, though, visit the place and research the area thoroughly.

Step 3: How Will You Move?
This is another long process of research, budget planning and writing a checklist and an inventory list. The way of your move will primarily depend on your budget and how big your household is. Moreover, it will depend on how distant the move is. If you are moving within the same town or area, you can hire man-and-van services or a moving truck and do a self-move. If you are moving across the country or internationally, it will be literally impossible to move your home on your own. You will need a bigger budget, more time and a longer preparation. Research removals companies and small man-and-van businesses, decide how much you can do yourself with the help of your family and friends and ask a lot of questions before you hire the movers. You need to make sure they are trustworthy and not ripping you off.

Step 4: Prepare a Moving Checklist and Timeline
If you want to make sure you are not forgetting something important, plan it all - make an inventory list and a checklist of what has to be done. The usual timeline most people stick to is 8 weeks, 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to the relocation.
Step 5: Packing Your Home
Packing your house for a move is a long and tiresome process that most people hate, but it's inevitable. Unless you want to pay the movers to pack every tiny thing in your household, then you'd have to pack at least the basic items. Read more on packing tips and tricks and make sure everyone is helping during this stage.

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