How to Sell Your House in Seven Easy Steps

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  • Published on Sunday, 23 September 2012
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How to Sell Your House in Seven Easy Steps It's time to sell your house and you want to do it as fast as possible, but you have no experience in it. A lot of people would think this won't be a problem until they undertake the task themselves and see how many things can actually go wrong. This, however, is not always the case and selling your house can be very easy if you just follow these seven easy steps:

1. Carry out repairs
A house needs a little bit of repairing every now and then so now is the time that you should carry out the repairs that you've postponed for so long. If something's broken, fix it; if something's overused, clean, repair it or change it, if necessary. The same way you wouldn't buy a rotten apple you can't sell a house which isn't at its best. 

Similarly, you can also think of the curb appeal of your property. Mow and clean the lawn, repaint the fence, water the plants - make sure everything looks perfect so the potential buyers notice it and like it from afar because only then will they decide to take a look at the inside as well.

2. Advertise
In the age of information you can't do an important thing such as selling real estate without the help of the Internet. That is why once the house looks its best you have to advertise it on the web. A lot of people think that hiring a broker will suffice or that an advert in the newspaper will do it. The truth is that if you want to maximize your chances the Internet is the way to advertise.

3. Post Pictures
No one will buy anything they can't see. The fact that you don't have any pictures of the place you are selling may mean one of two things: you have forgotten to take any (which can be an honest mistake, but still, you won't sell your house) or that there is something in the house you don't want people to see. Either way this is a major mistake since the majority of properties can be clearly seen on the sites they're posted. 

And remember you can't just post any pictures. It's better if they are high-quality ones and it's very important that you make sure the house is shot from the right angle. You can use a friend's help if you aren't good with the camera, but be careful because a picture can put your place in a favourable light the same way it can make your place look bad. Don't let the photos become false advertising.

4. Make a good write-up
You don't have to be a writer but you can't put just any text next to the pictures of your house. Try to be creative and make your place look good. But be careful - don't write untruths because when a buyer decides to take a look at the house he can decide to expose you and bad feedback can be very destructive and lower your chances of selling the property. So considering you don't have much space to write, just fill in what's important (write about: number of rooms, yard, neighbourhood) in an interesting and engaging way.

5. Proper price
Nothing can make you more successful in the task than setting a proper price. Set a price which is neither extremely high for the market and for the quality of the house, nor suspiciously low. Research the marker and then set the proper price.

6. A broker's open house
Instead of an open house you can consider a broker's open house, too. Actually this can make it much faster since no potential buyer will tell someone else about your house if they liked it but needed time to take a decision. On the other hand if a few brokers take a look at it they may provide a wide web of potential buyers since apart from their own clients they can always contact another broker if he or she would have the right person for your place.

7. Don't be home for the showing
Be it an open house or a broker's open house there is nothing worse than being home on the day of the showing. Potential buyers need to look at the place when empty so that they can picture themselves living in it. It's not a bad idea to leave some treats too - a bowl of fruit for example and some refreshing drinks. This will get people in a good mood and can help your house to make good impression.

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